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2009.11.04. 18:04 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

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Face the Energy You Use

2009.09.09. 16:18 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Put it into a room and this clock will show you when you use the most energy during the day. If you are interested in a Laundry Lamp, a Power Aware Cord or an Energy Sensitive Blooming Lamp you should check this out. This one is created by Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Erika Lundell, Jin Moen.

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Címkék: lamp green light

Guess what!

2009.08.31. 12:24 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Wonder if it is just a joke or what? It is a practical design solution. Detailed answer is here.

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Minimum Waste Maximum Design

2009.08.29. 11:36 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

This one is not just nice but really made of one piece. Scott Jarvie, I really like your projects.

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Classic in TV Shop style

2009.08.02. 15:54 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Chesterfield kept in a chest of drawers after guests left by Blofield.

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Shower Paradise

2009.07.16. 12:28 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Feel like having a shower in a lake. Thanks to Jun Yasumoto and his team.

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Címkék: design home concept green

Beam Me Up!

2009.07.10. 13:00 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Led Man - the sculpture is actually made of LEDs on wire. More amazing light work and furniture design here.

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Címkék: design led light

Beyond Simplicity There is Merge

2009.07.09. 16:37 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Goodbye keyring! Hello ringkey !

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Címkék: design home

Non Usual Folding Chair

2009.07.09. 15:32 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Choose it. Fold it. Use it. Fold it. Take it. Faster. Stronger. Better. Here.

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Címkék: design home furniture

Just Don't Ask Me How...

2009.07.09. 12:13 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Yes, it is a lawnmower concept. It makes those disks from the cut grass. You can use them as garden furniture or whatever. Design: Yong Hee Cho (South Korea), Yuli Sung (South Korea), Jee Won Lee (South Korea), Seung Hee Son (South Korea)

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Címkék: robot home concept green design award winner 2008

When Passed It Disappears

2009.07.08. 14:07 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Whiteboard+clock. When you passed the deadline the actual event disappears. Concept by Cha Ilgu.

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Címkék: home concept design award winner 2008

Adaptive Comfort

2009.07.07. 11:01 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Have the most comfortable surround wherever inside or outside. A simple idea like an interactive lounge can make it happen. Idea by Patrícia Seixas Francia Silva.

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Címkék: design home furniture

Leonardo of Now

2009.07.06. 15:43 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

When the wind blows the structure gets alive. Amazing.

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Címkék: robot

Just Add (hot) Water

2009.07.06. 15:27 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Stylish twist on a traveling coffee maker. More here.

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Címkék: design home

Furniture or Sculpture?

2009.07.06. 11:29 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Sculpture or furniture? With such a descriptive name like 'Wisdom Tree' it doesn't really matter. Check it out here.

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Címkék: design home furniture

The Lamp Itself

2009.07.05. 21:55 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

The lamp is the shadow, the shadow is the lamp. Other works are also very interesting.

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Címkék: design home lamp

Stylish but Scary Night Light

2009.07.04. 22:48 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

How it works makes it more lovable. Description here. More detailed one on Yanko Design.

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Címkék: design home light scary

Past and Future in Now

2009.07.03. 23:18 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

There is something interesting about it when present technology hits something oldskool like a simple ruler.

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Címkék: design home future

OMG! It is moving!

2009.07.03. 12:35 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

These are not simple balloons, these are bionic robots. You won't believe it without watching the videos on their site.

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Címkék: robot future

The Shanghai Hedgehog

2009.07.03. 11:51 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

This one is the plan for UK presence at Shanghai Expo 2010. Includes the largest botanical collection of wild plant seeds. More here, the brain is here.

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Címkék: design architecture shanghai expo 2010

This is a table. Believe it or not.

2009.07.01. 16:58 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Find similar items here.

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Címkék: design home furniture

Plastic Snake Bench Light

2009.07.01. 16:29 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

Functional freakiness. Making of here. More here.

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Címkék: design light scary furniture

Ultimate Macbook Air Gadget

2009.07.01. 15:20 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

UK MacBook Air owners will love this one. Later all UK residents will discover the genius of this. A small video if u r lazy to read.

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Címkék: mac home

LED there be light

2009.07.01. 14:42 Hivatalosan is Szpészkadett

This one is just as scary as interesting. One piece of a series by Matteo Cibic. Other versions are here.

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Címkék: led light scary